Business and Financial Management

Whittley Agency

Whittley Agency offers QuickBooks maintenance, short and long term financial planning, tax planning referral services and more. Detailed and efficient monthly reporting of statements are provided to all clients.

-Helping small business with cash management, bill pay, and payroll services

Our experienced Bookkeepers and Payroll Specialists help you focus on managing your business while we keep track of your income, expenses, vendors, customers, invoices, develop your profit and loss, inventory and balance sheets and even get your personnel paid (manual checks or direct deposit). We conveniently bundle these services by assisting you with paying quarterly taxes, unemployment taxes, etc. so you never miss a payment. Additional services can be paid for monthly or on an hourly basis.


-Providing safety and security against loss: for individuals and small businesses

Protect yourself, your business and your family! No one can plan for all the possible scenarios that may happen in life. However, Through the effective use of insurance, you can mitigate hefty, unexpected costs. Individuals can protect themselves from financial disaster by securing health, life, accident, disability insurance, Legal Shield identity theft/fraud plans for adults and children, critical illness and cancer plans.